About Explore Yoga

‘Yoga is India’s greatest gift to the world’




Yoga means ‘to unite’ and this ancient practice can be applied today to help us restore health to our bodies and minds.

One dictionary definition of ‘explore’ is –  “to travel into an unfamiliar region, especially for scientific purposes”.

Explore Yoga challenges you to be curious and a bit brave – and take those first steps into an unfamiliar place…..

You will find

– it is not scary at all!

– a starting point from which to move forward with help and encouragement along the way

– an acceptance of your abilities and limitations.

You will develop

– physical strength and flexibility

– mental clarity and discipline

– more curiosity!

You will discover

– one very precious thing

– your own true Self.


Like me, you may enjoy the science of yoga. The ancient teachers considered yoga to be a science since its aim is to help us gain knowledge – not the external knowledge of facts and intellectual learning but the deeper, more intimate knowledge of our true inner selves.

You may need the exercises and flowing movements of yoga asanas to restore health in your physical body, reduce stress or build strength and endurance.

You may crave the stillness that relaxation can bring, a ‘time out’ from the demands and duties of life.

You may desire the clarity of mind that meditation can uncover – just sitting, observing without judgement…..

What will you find?

I invite you


Explore Yoga ………

“On this path

effort never goes to waste,

and there is no failure.

Even a little effort

toward spiritual awareness

will protect you

from the greatest fear.”