About Angie

I was first introduced to yoga as a teenager when much to the bewilderment of his children, my Dad would start each day with sun salutations and chanting! He was convinced that his ‘rajas’ as they became affectionately known, gave him the physical and mental energy to do a demanding job and lead a healthy life. As my earliest influence, he is often in my mind as I practise today  and I am proud to be carrying on his legacy.

Like many people, I began to take yoga seriously when back pain was restricting my life and no other forms of exercise seemed to give relief or promote healing. As a Chartered Physiotherapist this was very frustrating – surely I should know what treatments and techniques to apply to cure one of the most common conditions seen in my profession? But the pain persisted and I got weaker and even more frustrated as all attempts to ‘fix it’ failed.

In desperation I contacted Scott Rennie, a local yoga teacher who offered one-to-one sessions. I’ll never forget that he initially tried to put me off starting down the yoga path, emphasising that  yoga doesn’t offer a quick fix and, once hooked,  could lead you to unexpected places ……… He was right!

I have been working with Scott since 2008 and am grateful for his wisdom, insight and encouragement. My pain resolved when I let go emotionally and stopped carrying the grief surrounding my Dad’s death. The mind/body connection is the key to healing.

Scott’s guidance and influence have been profound but if one of his students ever tells him he has helped them, he shrugs and says “you have helped yourself, it is your own effort that brings about change”. I am privileged to have a teacher who has studied with TKV Desikachar, son of Krishnamacharya. Desikachar’s method is based on his father’s fundamental teaching which maintains that yoga practices must be continually adapted to the individual’s changing needs to achieve the maximum therapeutic value. This is the yoga style closest to my heart, inspiring me to teach one-to-one, developing personal practices to meet individual needs.

I qualified from CYS, Scotland in 2013, challenged there to learn the Ashtanga Vinyasa style, led by wonderful course directors June Mitchell and Judi Farrell (Merchant City Yoga, Glasgow). Thanks along my yoga journey so far are also due to Karen Adamson, Fiona Clarence and Sheila Dickson for their teaching, support and encouragement. I hope to pass on to my students the huge wealth of knowledge I have gained from these inspirational teachers.